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Vence, 2022 06 21 

Une interprétation instrumentale (sans voix) de chansons nationales et d'hymnes nationaux, jouée sur guitare acoustique.

Cette pièce instrumentale s'efforce de rechercher les similitudes, les ressemblances - plutôt que les différences - entre les différentes nations, à travers leurs hymnes nationaux et leurs chansons nationales. 

"And, what was it, Flags?"

"I enjoyed Flags," he said. "Particularly when My Lady Charlotina made that delicious one which covered the whole of the western hemisphere. In metal cloth the thickness of an ant's web. Do you remember how we laughed when it fell on us?"

"Oh, yes!" She clapped her hands. "Then Lord Jagged built a Flag Pole on which to fly it and the pole melted so we each made a Niagara to see who could do the biggest and used up every drop of water and had to make a whole new batch and you went round and round in a cloud raining on everyone, even on Mongrove. And Mongrove dug himself an underground Hell, with devils and everything, out of that book the time-traveller brought us, and he set fire to Bulio Himmler's 'Bunkerworld 2' which he didn't know was right next door to him and Bulio was so upset he kept dropping atom bombs on Mongrove's Hell, not knowing that he was supplying Mongrove with all the heat he needed!"

They laughed heartily.

"Was it really three hundred years ago?" said Jherek nostalgically.
From: Michael Moorcock, The Dancers at the End of Time

Part 1



The Londonderry Air

Calon Lan

Auld Lang Syne

God Save the ...

Part 2


Waltzing Matilda

Lili Marlene

O Canada

The Star-Spangled Banner

Part 3
Il Canto degli Italiani
La Marcha Real
Das Lied der Deutschen

La Marseillaise

Anthem of Europe