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Al Qaeda

They don't like it when we dance
 They don't like it when we sing

They think that we're all wicked 
 Cause they don't like that sort of thing

They don't like it when we laugh
At things we think are daft

I really think they don't like us at all

They're so sure 
 they're pure 
 they're disgusted

They're so pissed off 
 they wanna cut off 
 your head

They're so cross 
 their boss 
 wants us all dead

Al Qaeda

...lets dance...

They think its a disgrace
 For a girl to show her face

They think its pretty weird 
 If a man shaves off his beard

They think we're really bad
 So they've started a jihad

They've declared a fatwa
 Ha Ha

-- bonus --
They're so annoyed 
 they wanna blow up 
  Boyd's shed