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Everybodys' Gonna Die

Everybodys' gonna die someday
Everybodys' gonna die someday

Its no use complaining, you don't get to stay
The grim reaper comes and then he takes you away
Don't matter if your rich, don't matter if you pray
Everybodys' gonna die someday

No-one lives for ever, the record shows
Living's gonna kill ya, that's just the way it goes 
Pretty soon its over and then you decompose
And maybe Heaven's waiting, but you know I don't know

Everybodys gonna die someday
Everybodys gonna die someday

Mother Theresa, Gengis Khan
Groucho Marx, Ludwig Van
Hemingway, Bob Marley
Everybodies gonna die someday

Maybe you'll just doze off, and never wake again
Or maybe you'll die slowly in excrutiating pain
Perhaps we all will perish in armageddon's flame
No-one will be left so they'll be no-one left to blame

Don't smoke...
Don't drink alcohol
Don't try to fly
Or if you do, don't ever fall

Don't go to parties
Don't stay out late
Don't drive fast cars 
Don't tempt fate

But don't be mislead
Soon, you'll be dead