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I Wish I Were a Dog

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I wish I were a dog, 'cause dogs can bark, when they get lonely, or it gets dark
They've got a tail, that they can wag, when they're excited, or they are glad

And dogs don't care, 'bout the government, they don't pay tax, they don't pay rent
No dogs don't care about the government, about the lies they tell and the money they spent
They don't care... I wish I were a dog

Dogs are great, yes dogs are grand, they'll lick their private parts, then lick your hand
They hate to wait, to defecate, they think your leg, can procreate

Dogs don't care, if they're disgusting, they're not as bad, as the lot we voted in
dog’s are dogs, they’ve a good excuse, the government just ain’t no use
They don’t care... I wish I were a dog

Dogs are pals, dogs will play. They’ll chase a stick, if you throw the stick away
Sometimes they'll sit, sometimes they'll stay, sometimes they'll jump into the sea on a sunny day
Dogs will always tell the truth, 'cause you can't lie, when you say woof, woof, woof.
Ain’t no dogs in the government, cause dogs wouldn’t stand for parliament
For the lying and cheating and the thievein' and the stealin'  they represent

Dogs must think we’re barking mad, to leave that lot of crooks in charge
Even a cat would not be as bad