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Only the Poor

Only the poor pay taxes

I was counting my pennies,  I had a few
Not a fortune, but I thought there must be something I should do
I went to a guy, and he knew a guy, and the guy he knew said he could do
 me a deal so I could conceal, all I had from the revenue

but all good men make the same mistake
 when they play by the rules
  rich men make

Only the poor pay taxes, 
 its an economic miracle, the rich are all invisible
 Money is political, donors are forgivable
 The wrong circumstances, are bad for your finances

I got some equations, and I did some sums
I wanted to see if I could see, how it gets done

Down in the detail where the numbers lie, every law has an alibi
  And there ain't no crime you can't deny, but you gotta be a billionaire to qualify

Only the poor pay taxes, 
 The little people never know, where does all the money go
  When you got a vote to buy, it's pretty cheap to tell a lie 
  inheritance is not enough, you'd gotta get your moneys worth
I figured it out,  I know the score
 It's all too much, when you get so much, you want so much more

You can live like a king in a poor mans land
 Where money flows by sleight of hand
  No one speaks, no one stares
  No one counts, no one dares

Only the poor pay taxes, 
The slippery rich will fade away whenever there's a bill to pay
Money is invincible, poverty is criminal
it's an economic miracle, the rich are all invisible

A bit rough on the production, needs a bit more work but enough to share.

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Robin Devany,
5 Dec 2017, 04:53