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Prisoners of Chance

The red river flows
To the sea of lost souls
we stand on the shore
and gather our clothes

Far from the beach
There's a boat out of reach
We can't see the captain
We can't hear him preach

So we dance, we dance, prisoners of chance
The music plays, our lives are made, and we dance

The evening sun falls
The sultry wind stalls
We move to our places
And the viola calls

And the ladies they sway
And begin their ballet
While the gentlemen gather
And make their display 

The first light of dawn
Is the end of our song
Some leave in love
Some leave alone

At the turn of the tide
When the waters subside
There'll be nothing to see
and nothing to hide

Written in 2007, and finally recorded a few days ago in 2018 (in France).

Follow the link at the bottom of the page to download. (The little down-arrow at the bottom right.)


Prisoners of Chance.mp3
Robin Devany,
12 Nov 2018, 05:55