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They Don't Want You To Know

- 1 -

The world is not as you assume
Armstrong never landed on the Moon
George Bush is an alien
A reptile wrapped in human skin
And he hopes that you wont notice he's inside

- chorus -

They don't want you to know
They don't want you to know
Elvis is alive in a UFO
But they don't want you to know

- 2 -

The new world order has arrived
There isn't any place that you can hide
Di and Dodi died, but Dido's still alive
There's something going on you can't deny

- chorus -

- m8 - 

I hope my tinfoil hat will save me
Stop my brain from being fried
I can't get anybody to believe me
We're being watched from the skies

- chorus -

We're on reality TV
There's someone watching you I guarantee
If you haven't seen it yet, get it on the internet
Everything you do, and its all free