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Where's My Jetpack

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi,  you're my only hope
I'm living with some androids, but they don't get the joke
  And I don't think Princess Leia's ever heard 
  a single word
I spoke

James T Kirk has gone to warp, and Spock has lost his brain
Scotty beamed up into space, then fell to Earth again
  I heard they made a sequel,
  It'll never be the equal
Not the same

The six million dollar man  broke his bionic hand
And nothing left will work as planned
 His knees are shot, his eye is jammed
  He needs \re-pair, 
  but no-one's got a spare
There's no demand

The Tomorrow People went astry they got stuck in yesterday
Lost the plot then lost their way 
 Threw away their destiny
  They told us we would fly
  now there's nothing left that i 
can say


Where's my Jet Pack
I want my future back
The fabulous machines
of our childhood dreams
Where's my Jet Pack
Where's my Jet Pack

So help me Obi Wan Kenobi, 
 I need to use the force
Its all that I can think of
 to get me back on course
  And I thought maybe you knew
  Cause I'm pretty sure you flew
  I'm only asking for a clue
  Tell me what do I have to do

To get my jetpack...

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