2021-02-11 Update

Here is a video in which we discuss copyright issues!


Some will have noticed that last Monday evenings session is not available is some regions due to copyright infringement.

Usually, the various copyright owners are content that they will collect any ad revenue generated via youtube directly. Trivial amounts I guess and I've never seen an advert on the Mellow Monday session. But some companies have a blanket "no see" policy and when just one of the songs infringes their copyright, they can block whole video.

Until, that it, the song is trimmed out of the video.

So, I've trimmed last Monday evening's video to exclude the "offending" content. This will only affect one or two songs. And is completely dependent on the copyright owners, and only applies (at the moment) to Warner Chappel. And if anyone is wondering, Yes, it is a pain.

Also, I've gone back a few weeks and trimmed out some others which had the same problem. i.e. Warner Chappel.

So if you could avoid doing a cover version of a song owned by Warner Chappel that would be absolutely dandy.

So, no Eagles songs! Yeap! they're the problem. Boo.