Wild Mountain Time

C                        G C

Oh the summer time had come

              F                G C

 and the trees were sweetly blooming

               F     G         Am

  and the wild mountain thyme 

 E7                 Dm                      F

   Was the glamour ,,,[future] we were calling

                 C     F C

 would we go lassie, go

And we built for us a bower

 By the clear crystal fountain

  and on it we did place

   all the flowers of the mountain

 will we go (laddie|lassie) go

Voila le temps sauvage

et les feuilles ont fini de tomber

 et tout qu’on etait

   est toujours desiré

On y va, on y va

Et on tout va ensemble

Now the wild time has come

 And the leaves have done their falling

  And all that we once were

   is still in all our longing

 shall we go lassie go?

                F  G C

And we'll all go together

            F     G     Am E7 - no E

 for the wild mountain time

      Dm                     F

  is all we’ll have for ever

              C   F     C

shall we go lassie go