Some folks they like apples

And some folks they like pears

I've heard that pomegranates 

are preferred by millionaires

And grapes are great and figs are fab

and rhubarb really isn't bad

mango makes you merry

But cherries make you mad

Bananas are the perfect fruit

Strawberries and raspberries

and red-berries and blueberries

and mulberries and  cranberries 

and blackberries and gooseberries

are grand

(But) prunes are problematic, 

And passion fruit are bland

You may prefer a tangerine

an orange or a clementine

Maybe you'd like a nectarine

The problem is that none of these are dry

So when you try

to peel them

They hit you in the eye

That's why

Bananas are the perfect fruit

They're yellow and they're curvy and conveniently wrapped

All you have to do is peel one when you want to eat a snack

And if they're past their sell-by date they go a little black


Bananas are the perfect fruit

You can smoke banana skins and get a little high

You can stick one up your nose, but it'll make you cry

You can put one in your pocket and pretend that its a gun

You can mix it up with crisps and eat it in bun

Bananas are the perfect fruit

They're perfect toys for girls and boys

A special treat that's firm and sweet

No other fruit is so complete

Bananas are the perfect fruit