I saw Santa Claus

Intro1: G..D . etc.

Intro2: B..C / C..D / B..C ..etc

I saw Santa Claus x 3

Dressed in rags 'n nailed to a cross

Santa Claus he said to me x 3

Cut me down and set me free

...intro 2...

I said to Santa, what happened to you x3

"I was running free and dressed in blue

Til I got caught by coca cola in 1922"


"I tried to flee, they tied me that tree

and everyone forgot to believe in me


So daddy's gotta go to work

And mummy's gotta go to work

Daddy and mummy gotta go to work

Gotta work to get the money

spend the money on the toys

wrap them up in paper

for the little girls and boys

gotta get them lots of presents

or they'll make a lot of noise

And you'll be a rotten parent

Cause you haven't got a choice


Sanity Clause