Judgement Day

C                      F          C

Let me lie where I lie, let me sleep when I die

C                         G

let me dream with the river, the mountains and sky

C                F       C

I done my best, now let me just rest

C                G       C

Don't wake me on judgement day

F            C

I walk this way, this path i found

F            C

this little trip along the ground

F        E7    Am bG F

And every day, to my dismay

C          G              C

there's some assessment in my way

I been measured and tested and misrepresented

been loved and molested and sometimes detested

I've been arrested, but never requested

a spot on judgement day

When you stand in the queue for your final review

don't look for me I'll not be joining you

I've made my plans, its outta your hands

don't wake me on judgement day.

C                    E7  

Don't wake me, leave me sleeping...

Am        bG F

...dreaming of eternity

Just don't wake me, on Judgement

Don't wake me, on Judgement

No don't wake me, on Judgement Day


bG is a bass G.

There are several versions of this song. The first couple of verses are only sung in the "mountain" version.

So I begin with original sin

Learned that I lost before I could win

guilty from birth when I crawled from the earth

I started with no score at all

They sent me to school to learn a few rules

Like reading and writing and playing the fool

sat some exams, to determine my plans

 but really I had no plan at all