I've got a mock God 

 A slightly flawed fraud

 He's an odd sod

 but he's my god

 And if you mock my god

 I'll call the police squad

 PC Plod will save

 My God



 My god exists inside my head

 I'll keep him there until I'm dead

 if then I find I was mislead  

 I'll start to worship yours instead 

 But until then I'll pray to him

 To save my soul, however slim

 I'll surrender to his whim

 For the other gods seem grim


 A figment of the fundament

 This phantom that I represent

 Claims to be omnipotent

 Affirms that he's omniscient

 For this divine psychosis

 Is as real as one supposes

 And so my God proposes

 he is the apotheosis


 He's cool and categorical, often he's an oracale 

 Sometimes he's rhetorical, though never really logical


 always theological

 maybe mythalogical 

 even neurological

 and of course he's metaphorical 


 I can't betray my deity

 His every wish I do obey

 For though he is imaginray

 He's perfect for this cabaret


 He knows what's right, he knows what's wrong

 He told me to perform this song

 To make it light and not to long

 So don't despair I'll soon be gone