Here come the suits with the collars and the ties  

 And the cuffs and the buttons and the laces and the flies

  The masters of the universe, need no disguise

   Here comes the pretty girl... with the big blue eyes

 And she waves,

buy, buy, buy! x3  


Here come the kings and the queens and the sure and the vain

 Here come the friends with their faces

   where the faces all look the same

 Here come the crowd of the loud who play the game

And they know what they know cause they know what they know


Here come the words that are words that are made for a cause

 where the cause is the loss of the word for the way that it was

  Written in hope, that hope is they way that you lose

  ( (in) that/e the hope is/of the way that you lose …to make you lose)

 All these useless words

 ... you used to use


And we wave