Rush Hour

Harry's, got a Ferrari

He's in a hurry

But he's going nowhere

Sue's, she's overdue

that's nothing new

she's stuck in a queue

There's miles and miles x7

It's rush hour

Rush, rush, rush hour

Crush, crush, crush hour

Everybodies rushing but there going nowhere

Jerry's, got a Datsun Cherry

He never gets it serviced so it's noisy and it's smelly

If he's really really bored he can steer it with his belly

Fiona's got a four-by-four

She drives it every morning like she's going to war

Leaves it on the pavement by her neighbour's front door

It's off-road and in-your-face, she couldn't care she's found a place

Out of time and out of space, welcome to the human race

Everybodies rushing, but they're going nowhere

Everybodies busy, trying to be a millionare

Everybodies worried, and they think it isn't fair

Everybodies crushing, cause they want to get their share

Everybodies pushing, but they're running out of air

Peter's on the 'phone

Mandy's trying to get home

Bill's pretty chilled

But Jill wants to moan

If Rhona had known

She would have flown

Now she's gotta drive

All alone.