When you sing to children

Of the things that you have done

Tell them that you stayed in,

World War One

There was no evil empire

 No foreign foe to overcome

  The doctors were our soldiers

   In world war one

Now I can say it’s number one

 There’d never been another one

  And by the time that it was done

   The world had changed for everyone

And all that we needed to do was stay

Let us be together

 Every precious one

  Remember why we stayed 

   In World War One

World war one

World war one

 Doctors were our soldiers 

  When the world was won

The doctors and the nurses

 And the orderlies and ambulier

  The medics and the police 

    and army and the pompiers

   The delivery personnel (hoorah)

    The bakers of bread and the brewers (cheers)

And everyone a champion - remember that when this is done

And the girl that worked on the checkout

  behind cling film

  In a face mask

  who was brave enough to go out

So we could stay