The Enchanted Poppy Boys

part 1

Fair freedom's call was truly heard

 No consequence not undeterred

  No wasted cause of youth would she endure

Her promise we had ever known

 To rip the tyrants from their throne

  And blessed were they with chance to make it sure


The poppy boys came

 With joy at the choice, and thrill for the game

 arm in arm and sure of aim

The enchanted poppy boys

part 2

But freedom had another face

 she'd not be won with faith or grace

  The truth would test the tears they could not bear

In scattered lines of liberty

 Lay rank and file and destiny

  The ruthless, righteous, order was their snare


The poppy boys fell

 In a land that was green they turned into hell

 For the sake of a dream their children could tell

The enchanted poppy boys


Now the histories all writ

and no-one's left 'was witness

tales and photographs remain, but all the boys have gone

Their harrowed hearts are still

But cannot be unbroken

Though the children of the children of their children sing their songs

part 3

Regard us now, 

 are we yet free

  The lucky born at least may claim to be

What prize is this what glory won

 What victory has history done

  What chance did disenchantment disagree



The poppy boys paid

 For the world to be free and all of us saved

 But the count of the charge may never be made

For enchanted poppy boys

For enchanted poppy boys

enchanted poppy boys