The Generic Revolution Song of 2017

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High in the hills, a new queen has a country

Down by the river an empire holds sway

And the empress cares not that not all have spoken

And the old queen has nothing to say


In the hills it is held that we're all of us equal

In truth not for glory nor riches nor gold

Old imperial power still poisons its people

After the empire's been sold


A declaration has been made

The seeds of freedom sown

We've been taken to the barricade

Now let's take back our home


The will of the people, broken then stolen,

By the punch and judy parlay-lament

Now we've been told the country's all sold

Our money's all spent on rent


Stand with me brothers, stand with me sisters

free men and free women for freedom for all

for now we begin, we've a country to win

or nothing left at all


But I work for macdonalds and walmart and tescos

amazon, uber and starbucks and sky

you can't eat freedom, if you're slave to the wages

until the day you die

chorus revisited

A declaration has been made

we're free to be alone

but I'm still here on the barricades

thinking of my home

Who profits from borders, what currencies paid

There's always a crowd when there's cash to be made

Get in the queue, maybe you'll get some too

For that's how we're going to be saved

chorus finally

A declaration has been made

And the spoils of freedom shown

and I'm looking from the barricades

I wonder, where went home