The Song I Never Heard

I met him in a bar in town

I was playing guitar  for some people that were down

But no-one there was listening

 just he was

He caught my eye as I sang some songs

Though he'd never heard them,  he sang along

So when my set was done I got a drink 

 and joined him

Now that's not the sort of thing I do

Cos strangers mostly make me blue

We talked a bit, 'bout gigs n things

guitars, songs and how to sing

He told me that some years ago 

 he used to do a show

A one-man act of songs he wrote

Tales he told  and jokes he spoke

[But in that|In all the] music he had made

 there was one song he'd never played.

Then he asked if he could sing it for his wife

He said she'd been the reason for his life

Then he sang:


I will come when you call

I will catch you when you fall

Through good times and bad

I'll share it all

For I love you.

I will stand by your side

For the rest of my life

forever, together

as husband and wife

For I love you


And as he sang, she came on in

Old and frail, and tired and thin

And she just looked at him

In his eye, I saw a tear

I guessed he didn't think, she'd find him here

This smokey little bar, strumming someones old guitar

And listener, that's when I was amazed

For then she went and joined him on the stage

and they sang


Well we shouted for more, yeah we clapped and we cheered

The drunks and the lonely, the loved and the feared

But they would not do an encore,

 She said "their song was done"

So I went to the bar, I wasn't gone long

But when I turned back, the lady was gone

And no-one there had seen what I had seen

It was as-if she had never been

I went back to my table, the old man was there

I gave him a drink, and sat in my chair

Then realised from his eyes

 nothing live was left inside

I'd never heard the song that they had sung for me

'though I'm sure that they still sing it in eternity